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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany to take action after the failed attack on a synagogue as the people of hollow say never again the government pledges to step up security at jewish institutions and focus more resources on combating right wing extremists also coming up the u.n. security council fails to agree on a statement condemning turkey's offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria as thousands of civilians please the violence. and suddenly it's smiles all
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round as the brakes a deadline clear the british and irish prime ministers say they see a pathway to a deal after what they described as very positive very promising. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the german government is warning that the threat of nationwide right-wing terrorism is now quote very high it comes after a gunman killed 2 people in an anti-semitic attack in the eastern city of hama on wednesday the attack aimed at the jewish community came on the holiest day in the jewish calendar young kapoor. the city in mourning for the victims and in solidarity with those who only just survived germany's president frank among those taking part signs of attack still imprinted on the synagogue door would stop the attacker claiming few. more lives trial but the too much still trying to process it
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all but i just can't understand what tacitus a 40 year old woman was the 1st to fall victim by chance as she passed in front of the synagogue minutes later the attacker killed a 20 year old man at a combat shop some streets away the accuser attacker was carrying 4 weapons and 4 kilograms of explosive material during the night police raided his apartment in ben-dor a small town some 40 kilometers away. the 27 year old lived here with his mother he grew up in nearby hillbrow former neighbors remember him. alone or even has to spy without ever smiling he couldn't say hello. how can i say when this is he was kind of a loner. wednesday afternoon the suspect was transferred to karlsruhe meanwhile a judge issued an arrest warrant germany's federal prosecutor said his attempted
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massacre was an act of terrorism. he was attempting to imitate similar acts that had previously been carried out. and as far as we know he wanted to instigate others to do the same so. i'm chieftain. germany's interior minister horses a home for visited the crime scene authorities have defended lack of police protection at the synagogue saying there had been no warning. they hope for delivered a clear message he says will tell if. you just wrote a crime carried out yesterday is a shame on our country. with our history of such things must never happen in germany. he's pledged to improve the protection of jewish sites and deploy more personnel in the fight against right wing extremism his counterpart in the state of saxony and halt said some politicians carry the blame.
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you gosh well those who used the language of the nazis might not be legally responsible for what occurred. but they laid the path and lit the fire the guys did blanched if the hundreds joined in a march of mourning through hollow to the synagogue laying flowers and candles signs of their rejection of terrorism and those who spread hate. earlier we spoke to an eyewitness who was inside the synagogue and the time of the attack this is how she described the abouts. and we wear out actually right in the middle of reading torah when so what i saw and heard was like one explosion followed by a smoke like a cloud of smoke that i saw through the window another explosion another cloud of smoke and then for some seconds like everyone was silent and confused because no one really understood what was happening and then all of a sudden things move super fast and so there's
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a surveillance camera outside and the screen inside so you can see what's happening on the street and the cantor who was leading the prayer he had for some reason when he turned like sort of around he had a perfect view of the screen so he saw what was happening on the street so he saw that there was an armed man outside in full gear i didn't see the screen so actually it was like really thanks to the cantor who had an impressive and amazing reaction who immediately understood the situation the 1000000 or so it was happening looked at the screen turn around and told everyone to like leave the room go to the back room and then actually go upstairs and get down on the floor stay away from the windows it's like you know you switch into that kind of mode where you're not really thinking about what exactly is happening but more like what needs to be done and what needs to be done is like to get people into a safe room and then sort of like make sure the world. a harrowing account there what it was like inside the synagogue and hala when it was being attacked our
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political correspondent simon young has been following this story i know you're also following the investigation into it very carefully simon what more have the police learned about the gunman and what motivated him to carry out this attack if so this investigation as we've heard is now being handled by federal prosecutors because it's a terror investigation and they're saying that this man 27 year old german chef and baby as he's been identified has been formally charged with 2 counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder and they are saying that he had 4 homemade weapons with him including at least one fully automatic rifle he also had 4 kilograms of explosives in his car with several explosive charges there ready so he clearly intended to carry out mass killing a massacre as the authorities of cooling it and one of the questions that prosecutors are looking at is way did he get those explosives from how was he able
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to make these weapons did he have any help please as well will be a key focus for what prosecutors want to know about him the german government now says that the threat of right-wing terrorism in this country is very high what are they planning to do about it. well there are many things that you can think of doing 1st of all the focus is on protecting germany's jewish population. in particular in view of history of course it's very important to politicians have been saying that that you know home does not come to people particularly when they're attending jewish religious worship but in really in whatever context they are so you can put more police outside synagogues and all the jewish installations schools and so on that's one thing you could do you can also give the police more powers to challenge people who they think pose
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a threat and you can also give the courts more powers to put people away or treat them more severely so all these things are being considered they've been suggested before incidentally of course it's always a question of a balance between people's freedoms and taking the necessary action the. interior minister suggested that hate speech contributed to the attack and he said those who use the language of the nazis laid the path and lit the fire this will presumably focus even more attention on the problem of hate speech in germany want to i think it were ready has i think people who are already talking about that what's the link between what people say and what they ultimately do the justice minister minister christina lamb back to said you know the far right extremism is becoming a real threat to german security generally all the politicians including the.
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gym the bavarian interior minister have pointed specifically the finger at the far right alternative for germany party all day although they strenuously deny that they say that they've always stood up for germany's jewish population but clearly there are some in their ranks who have used nazi terminology and it's not just. politicians. on social media elsewhere on the internet there's been a rise experts in hate speech in recent years and goes it's very difficult to know what you can do about that as a limit to how you can control social media and the internet and indeed we've seen this gunman's video for instance shed many times already we're not showing it now the media are not showing it on far right websites it is available sadly simon thank you very much political correspondent. now
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to syria and the turkish military incursion there the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has warned turkey it could face quote consequences if it does nothing to protect still billions as it pushes ahead with its offensive in northeastern syria didn't say what those consequences would be but international calls for turkey to moderate its action in the region are growing thousands of residents fled on thursday as turkey pounded kurdish militia for a 2nd day. plumes of smoke disappear into the docketing sky but a burning reminder of the conflict remains night brings no reprieve as turkey continues its offensive. turkey's pushing into northeast syria territory held by its enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces hundreds of bombs have already fallen as turkey attempts to carve out a buffer zone to house refugees. the death count has begun his family lost
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a young boy one of several dozen reported killed on the syrian side of the border. explosions too on the turkish side as bombs fly north in retaliation. so far the number of victims remains in the dozens. at the united nations european states and lining up against tankers action scene you would kill it is in the northeast will further undermine the stability of the whole region exacerbated civilian suffering and provoke further displacements which will further increase the number of refugees and i.d.p.'s in syria and in the region turkish president red chip time out of on send his own warning. a european union. pull yourself together. i say to gain if you try to label this operation an invasion. it's very simple we will open the gates and
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send 3600000 refugees your way. to do it all time you'll move to says that i go in there to i. heard yvonne has allies in syria these are the fighters from the free syrian army an anti kurdish militia being sent in to claim captured territory. but turkey is in the driver's seat. for more now we're joined by carlo he's the director of the center for intelligence and security studies at the university munich and he joins us from bill felt welcome professor of europe and the u.s. are acting surprised that out of one's army is moving so aggressively against the kurds in northeastern syria but was there ever any doubt about the kurds the turkish president's intentions and that the removal of u.s. troops would an able this offensive. no there was never any doubt i mean 1st of
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all everyone remembers that the troops 2 years ago moved into our home. secondly everyone i think at least 3 times made it very clear that isn't engineers just moving to syria and to question the kurds because you consider them as allies of the well let's say as an obstacle when all of the. turkish kurdish terrorist organisation so it was very clear that when he would happen window of opportunity he would do that and the us in this would know if it. does present out of one have a valid argument when he sense that the kurds in northern syria pose a threat to turkey. no he has no valid argument yes and valid argument by saying that the y.p. g 8 is the kind of armed wing of the p.k. k. the turkish kurdish terrorist organisation. working closely together they using the
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same symbols and so the why b.g. in syria could be considered. as pollak a p k but they don't post so hot any threat the threat received by turkey from the kurdish part of syria is the same threat the turks to see from iraq it's the mere fact that the turks hold terror that the kurds holding territory and that this could pave the way to put it with some kind of kurdish autonomous state which scares turkey to death because of its own territorial integrity the president out of want is threatening to flood europe with refugees we heard a statement from there earlier if european leaders label turkey's offensive in syria an invasion is a credible threat. it's not that the 1st time it's reckoned that i mean during the whole to us from when the deal was made until. a couple of
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months ago. twice or 3 times when something went wrong in the relations between the european union and turkey or germany and turkey threatens to open basically the refugee camps and send refugees to europe so it's a credible threat. the dealy referring there to of course the deal between the european union and turkey where by the european union gives turkey funds to host refugees from syria. effectively from coming to europe so how do you see this unfolding professor with turkey's offensive in northeastern syria and reactions that we're hearing particularly from the u.s. where they're threatening sanctions against r.t. . i think that took it will continue until they will reach their goal which is basically. to have any east kurdish pockets syria on that their own so i think the intention of 38 then to. send a couple what how can
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a power. refugees with me in turkey into these kind of into these territories and i would say the u.s. europe has limited influence right now in turkey until turkey reached its goal i know that congress is preparing sanctions i don't think that this will impress the turks the turks will rely on the russians on the tensions are imposed on them and i don't see any insolence europe or the u.s. right now has which works agency. impress the troops to such an experiment they will. change the way they fight the war of aggression. professor muscle and thank you so much that was colum islip from the center for intelligence and security studies in munich speaking to us be thankful now there
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was hit in the red sea near the saudi city of jeddah no injuries were reported but iranian state television says the explosion called impeachment proceedings over his dealings with ukraine 2 weeks ago in minneapolis he lashed out at democrats saying they were trying to destroy democracy and calling their investigation a partisan witch hunt. a bridge collapse in eastern china has killed 3 people and injured 2 others a dashboard camera captured the moment when the lord section of the overpass fell in jones new province officials say an overloaded truck appeared to be the calls. that could be a pathway to break that deal yet according to statements from leaders of ireland in the u.k. ireland's prime minister leo of iraq are said after a meeting u.k. prime minister boris johnson on thursday that the talks were quote very positive
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and very promising to leaders met to discuss britain's scheduled departure in 3 weeks time questions about the border between the u.k. and ireland have been a major barrier to a deal. well for the very latest in the breaks of negotiations let's cross over to london where our correspondent there that mass is standing by for us good to see you bigots the irish prime minister is sounding much more hopeful about reaching a bragg's a deal what has changed. well what has changed on the outside is for show it's change in tone for weeks really everything that's been coming out of the negotiation of any contact between 2 leaders the prime minister and i'm going to mecca for example everything was really really pessimistic so now for the 1st time in quite a while we have much more optimistic notes and we know also the pound has jumped on the news of this just different setting out of how they see the new associations developing the details though they remain tight lipped say is really there are
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going to be more talks and then hopefully we will know more details throughout the day but so far nothing emerges as to where the compromise exactly could lie so we're still waiting on details there but even if the irish and u.k. leaders agree what are the chances of any proposal from them getting through parliament. well yes terry and this is where it's going to be crucial the parliamentary arithmetic doesn't look good for for boris johnson we know that the d u p which is the northern irish party which essentially helps him to golf on would be very sensitive when it comes to any compromise that means that northern ireland would be treated differently in the future from the read from the rest of the united kingdom so huge sensitivities there and also when we talk when we talk about other opposition parties the labor party for example there are many m.p.'s who
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would like to see any deal that boris johnson would potentially bring back from brussels they would like to see it subject to another confirmatory referendum so even if there was some sort of compromise and process the question really is whether anything can go through the british parliament because to resume a had reached a deal that had reached a compromise with brussels and it fell through here in the london parliamentary times ok we're expecting another meeting this morning between britain's brags of minister stephen barclay and the e.u. cheap price of negotiator michel barnier what can we expect there. well we can expect that they will try and flesh out some more details towards the end of the only goes no ca since they reached the so-called tunnel when it gets more and more intense and more details will be hammered out they will hope that they will make progress on to the next week when those the crucial e.u.
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summit which is the last you summit before britain is supposed to leave the european union at the end of october now really know that anything that they will potentially agree is going to be very very tricky to get everything have met out until the end of october every detail how much doubt potentially we're looking at is another extension you know. then the end of october so you know there might be a change in tone but it's really not the end of the bread story as yet until the end of the regular story there for us in london thank you so much the nobel prize in literature has been awarded to 2 authors peter from austria claimed this year's award and poland's all go to a car chalk was named winner for 28 team in usual delay for last year's ward was due to a sexual assault scandal at the royal swedish academy last year. off to the swedish
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academy's crisis mats melman is now making his 1st major appearance the new permanent secretary an ounce to prize winners today austrian pita hand could take the wood for 20192 of his most well known works offending the audience and the goalkeepers fear of the penalty but the highly praised 76 year old feels that his readers judgment is the most important as he said in this 2017 interview. to me for me it's about the readers what the people say how they read or heard something just just. just moves me. but of course an award is a nice bonus a big. hunk is not uncontroversial politically during the war in yugoslavia he not only showed literally support for then president milosevic he also attended his funeral but that didn't play a role for the committee. hearing him the prize is a matter of course he's a great artist with 70 to 80 of his works in various genres
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a great creative ability that continues on broken. polish right to olga to celebrated surprising success with her novel the books of jacob she received the 2800 prize retroactively. can i get this from you know what she really does well the themes that cross borders she writes across photos and that's clear even in her style there must move from where you start the performance they will and she's crossing borders at the moment on a book tour in germany. they'll imagine swimming 4 kilometers cycling $180.00 and topping it off with a marathon that's all in a day's work for athletes competing in this weekend's ironman world championship in hawaii and 3 of the men's favorites happen to be german we met up with one of them sebastian kenya to give us a glimpse into his preparation for the most grueling tests in the world of sports. pounding the pavement in
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a scenic mountain top town along with his wife christine it sounds nice that's a bust in kenya didn't come to the italian alps for the views the 800 meter elevation will help improve his insurance for hawaii everything was going to plan until a critical moment just a few days ago. in order for the bike path was really packed i stopped as another cyclist was coming towards me i wanted to move a step to the side but collided with a really no longer path and it caught my right foot and it twisted pretty badly. from the 1st moment i thought to myself that's it i'm done for the year. in the snow. but he had some luck in his misfortune his ligaments were pulled not to one. yet you can still kind of see it it's still a bit swollen and bruised on the other side of this involves running barefoot and special exercises help kenya to stabilize his injured foot good timing because there's more than just glory at stake at the eye and man triathlon on 100000 euros
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in prize money and sponsorships worth a 1000000 euros on the line kenya is investing his own money to the starting line in hawaii the training camp flights and insurance his wife for many a successful 10 kilometer run has self has helped with the organization. home corps not one i saw right for an hour over lacto vegetarian diet caused overworked oh yeah. that's what it's called. this it'll time to relax as the next training session awaits king who designed his own bike keeping it light weight was essential taking the vanish off the frame shaved off a precious 140 grams. and finally. tina trains in at least 2 of his 3 disciplines every day cycling running swimming class regular visits to the gym 8 hours of training
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a day is the no one. you've really got to work your ass off every day just to have anything close to a chance to hope. she knows what it takes having already won in the white 5 years ago now he's hoping to do it again and heat once again the title of the toughest guy in man of them all. and just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news as the people apollo remembered the victims they have tackled a synagogue on a wednesday the german government has pledged to step up security at jewish institutions and to focus more resources on rightwing extremist. you're watching news live from berlin coming up next our talk show to the point peter craven will be discussing turkey's offensive against the kurds in northern syria with a number of guests will be back next hour thanks for being with us. please
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boom. boom boom. boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. boom boom boom. boom double who's a talk show strong opinions to clear positions from international perspectives of turkey's president russia of time one has launched a long struggle defensive against kurdish forces in northern syria so why now where and what's the goal and will it further destabilize the region and find out all to the point the children. next to us d w over. the last. signs that. scientists recently discovered these reptiles
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have the recent markings. now they think they've found the key to how comedians communicate. the most is a chemical and a secret. oral tradition 60 minutes long w. . if you would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for your children. the children who have already been the lawyer and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from mines.
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turkey's president tire bad one has launched along the threatened offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria so why now and what's the goal and what impact will the push out on the region as a whole while president out of one says the turkish air and ground offensive aims to prevent what he calls a terror corinto meanwhile u.s. troops have been withdrawing from the area that turkey says it plans to turn into a safe zone but how destabilizing could the offensive be on an already volatile region and for security in.


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